Cakes Par Haute Couture Pr Stunt

Jessika Ménard, co-owner of Le Cozy Café, also operates a cake business called Cakes Par Haute Couture. Six months after our initial mandate began with the Cozy cafe girls, they had built themselves a decent reputation, but wanted to solidify it in the publics eye. We presented them with the opportunity of a lifetime. In collaboration with Beachclub, Cake Par Haute Couture was going to be baking Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday cake for her appearance in Montreal.

Services Rendered


After sending out a few emails to some journalist I thought might be interested in the story, something truly amazing happened. Hundreds of articles from some of the most reputable publications in the country, and from across the world, surfaced about Jessika baking Kylie’s 18th birthday cake. She was interviewed on the Radio, on Tv, and over the phone dozens of times over the course of a few days.

Here are a few of those articles:

Hudson baker creates cake for reality star Kylie Jenner’s birthday bash – Montreal Gazette

Hudson baker to make Kylie Jenner’s birthday cake – CBC

Quebec baker makes Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday cake glitter in gold – CBC

Kylie Jenner birthday bash puts Hudson cake designer on the map – Global News

Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Cake Order Just Saved This Quebec Bakery – Vice / Munchies

Kylie Jenner ringing in her 18th birthday, again, in Montreal this time – CTV News


Kylie Jenner May Have Unwittingly Revived a Montreal Baker’s Cake Business – Eater Montreal

The Birthday Cake Montreal’s Beachclub Is Giving To Kylie Jenner – MTL Blog

PR by: Andrew AMJ

Photos by: Jp Castonguay