Olivier Primeau Joins AMJ Media for Influencer Represenation


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Olivier Primeau Joins AMJ Media

Montreal – We are pleased to announce that Olivier Primeau has joined AMJ Media for representation of his media and marketing interest. Olivier Primeau is the owner of Beachclub, the biggest outdoor club in America, located just outside of Montreal. Through the content he shares online, Olivier Primeau shares the “dream life” with his followers.

Moving forward, AMJ Media will help him secure business opportunities and maintain relationships with brands seeking to work with him. AMJ Media will also assist Olivier Primeau in strategically growing his presence online with various strategies and stunts as we’ve been doing for the past 18 months.

Olivier took up the Snapchat challenge several months ago when the app was just catching on, and now is raking in some 30,000 views a day on Snapchat, making him a pioneer in Quebec.

Oliprime plastered 2500 posters on 150 facades all over the city of Montreal.

The really interesting element of this PR Stunt is that people walking in the street who see Olivier’s SnapCode can subscribe to his channel simply by scanning the yellow Snapcode, just as one would with a QR Code.

Stay tuned for more news regarding our work with Olivier Primeau.